The recent impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching and has tested many business models, exposing deficiencies. Medical device manufacturers must prioritize the consistency of support provided to their physician and facility clients and the patients they serve. This includes the provision of support through an evolving reimbursement landscape. Avania’s reimbursement support team has the capabilities to maintain function and the delivery of expert reimbursement counsel during challenging times. 

Is Bigger Better?

It seems like the larger the consultancy or company you are working with, the more secure and sound they must be. While that may be the case, it is important to note that their level of expertise should be the main focus, as this is what determines the level of assistance you are able to provide your clientele. Worldwide and bicoastal access to a support team is great but that team must be informed and knowledgeable.

Avania’s team of Certified Professional Coders and Reimbursement Specialists provides support based on years of expertise and insights supported by reliable sources and the appropriate governing bodies, empowering your company with the ability and skills to navigate the evolving reimbursement landscape. 

Are You Duplicating Resources?

Additional challenges are and will always lie in cost containment. When outsourcing reimbursement support services you should know what you are getting. Many reimbursement support teams provide scripted customer support to your most frequently asked questions but that is where their assistance ends. Larger, more expert-level questions are left unanswered and the company is left to contract with an additional resource.

Avania’s team of trained professionals can learn your product(s) and provide reimbursement education, and market entry and patient advocacy support. This is all done by the same team aiding your customers, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the reimbursement nuances for your product(s). 

Does Your Reimbursement Support Services Team Have Availability Anywhere?

The ability to be flexible and work remotely and securely is key. Avania’s flexible infrastructure is adaptable to changing environments while maintaining privacy and data security requirements. This allows the reimbursement support team to work remotely, providing consistent contact and support for coding and reimbursement concerns. This includes U.S. support, coast to coast, in your local time zone.

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