Imagine you’re running a clinical trial for a new medical technology when, suddenly, there’s an industry shift and the tech needs to be updated. What can you do? Your MedTech is different, but you can’t change a clinical trial midway through — or can you?

Adaptive clinical study design allows for dynamic trial modifications based on interim data analyses at predefined interim points, supporting increased efficiency, flexibility, and resource use throughout the trial process. This white paper details adaptive trial designs as well as their unique benefits for MedTech development through the lens of FDA-regulated clinical studies, offering expert insights to help you through your clinical trial and beyond.

Download it now to learn:

  • The basics of adaptive clinical study design
  • Adaptive design benefits and limitations
  • The importance of sample size re-estimation (SSR) and group sequential designs
  • Tips for using adaptive study design for your MedTech research

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