3 Considerations for Successful Reimbursement in Clinical Trials

Find out why FDA approval isn’t all you need to be successful.

MedTech studies are largely designed to achieve and maintain regulatory approval. However, without an informed reimbursement strategy, that approval can often fail to translate into long-term market success. Proactive product development considers coverage, coding, and payment long before study closeout, and those considerations mean greater ROI for your organization and more therapy options for patients. What does it take to ensure that your device or combination product is not only approved, but that it is accessible to your patient population and sustainable as a long-term investment?

  • You must select the optimal predicate device
  • You must define a publication strategy
  • You must identify and collect data that are critical for reimbursement

Read our white paper on what defines a successful reimbursement strategy and set your sights on stronger investment returns.

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