How Avania Used a Data Visualization Platform to Continuously Monitor and Visualize IVD Data From Multiple Sources, Enabling Data-Driven, Informed Decisions

The sponsor of a multi-center in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) trial that included comparing an approved standard of care (SoC) IVD device to their investigational IVD device partnered with Avania to better manage their data as they required up-to-date insights into sample enrollment progress and needed to be able to compare the diagnostic outcomes of both devices. However, the sample volume was overwhelming and in flux and the data resided in multiple sources in different formats.

With Avania’s help, the sponsor was able to:

  • Monitor sample counts and results throughout the study
  • Forecast enrollment stop
  • Stay on top of delayed EDC data collection and other data quality issues
  • Enjoy better trial management and expedited timelines

But how did Avania do it? Download our case study now for an inside look at what our data visualization solutions could do for your IVD trial.

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