A consensus is often defined as 80% or more of experts agreeing. However, this ratio can be difficult to achieve, especially in the context of MedTech development and medical writing. How did an Avania client reach a consensus from a panel of experts on the use of a clinical test, leading to successful project completion an accepted manuscript, published in a peer-reviewed journal?  

This case study digs into the Delphi method and our expert medical writing services, detailing how both were used to reach consensus on the use of a clinical test for clinical decision-making. Download it now to learn:  

  • A brief background of the Delphi method  
  • The situation’s unique challenges  
  • Avania’s solutions and their outcomes  
  • How Avania’s medical writing services can advance your MedTech 

When you need comprehensive support with a scientific-based consensus meeting, It Takes Avania.

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