Clearance of your medical device by the relevant regulatory body is great news, but it does not guarantee sales growth and market adoption. With healthcare reform, the medtech industry is more focused than ever on positive health outcomes’ performance and cost. To attain reimbursement, you must demonstrate real-world value.

Avania will help you research the current reimbursement climate for your product and plan early, so you can begin generating revenue as soon as possible after clearance. Our world-class research and reimbursement programs advance your medical devices, novel technologies, and combination products in Europe, the U.S., and Australia. Not only do we work with you to develop a winning strategy, but we will help you access reimbursement channels for your products.

Avania facilitates early research and planning to identify potential hurdles to coverage, ensuring the evidence you generate will not only satisfy your regulatory agency, but also the agencies that determine coverage. In addition, we assist with:

  • Payer coverage policy reconsideration requests
  • Advocacy to encourage reversals of standing coverage policies to gain coverage for newer procedures and treatments
  • Review of products/procedural techniques and communication of necessary supporting information to payers

Used by coverage-deciding agencies, private payers, facilities, and physicians, numerous types of codes exist. Coding is crucial as it translates into payment. To ensure proper reimbursement for your product, Avania provides:

  • Early payer and market research to inform your coding strategy
  • Analysis to determine where your product fits in the coding hierarchy
  • Detailed coding strategy to facilitate use by physicians, facilities, manufacturers, and marketing/sales teams
  • In-depth command of regional coding systems and application requirements
  • Experience obtaining new codes for novel technologies and procedures
  • Coding hotline support for manufacturer marketing/sales teams and customers

Along with a well-defined value proposition, the amount a hospital or physician will be paid for your product has a direct effect on sales. For optimal payment, Avania offers:

  • Early payer and market research to identify potential hurdles to reimbursement
  • Strategies for establishment of physician and facility reimbursement pathways
  • Reimbursement hotline support for manufacturer marketing/sales teams and customers
  • Patient advocacy services and payer coverage support so patients can access new procedures and technologies recommended by their physicians

Reimbursement for products used during a clinical trial may require a specific approach. Avania delivers:

  • Support for both sponsors and sites
  • Answers regarding payer coverage during a clinical trial
  • Assistance with appropriate claims submissions
  • Correct coding
  • Information on expected reimbursement

Avania has extensive experience with medical device reimbursement in Australia. We bring you:

  • Strategy for medical device reimbursement pathways in Australia
  • In-depth command of the PLAC application requirements
  • Creation of PLAC applications, including cost analyses and literature reviews
  • Experience obtaining new PLAC rebate codes for novel technologies
  • Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) item number selection or application

Your product is important, and it takes a team with expertise in reimbursement strategies to move it forward. It Takes Avania.

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